Our January Bag Hero

We’re pleased to announce our first Bag Hero for 2017, Stacie Talbert Anaya. As Interim Director of Corpus Christi’s Parks & Recreation Department, she works tirelessly to realize the department’s vision of empowering our community to live, learn and play.  Whether residents and tourists enjoy walking on the beach, seeing a summer evening concert at Cole Park or strolling through wetlands to watch wildlife and birds in the country’s “Birdiest City”, Stacie knows that their experiences are heightened when the parks are clean and attractive.

Setting a great example for fellow City employees and all Corpus Christi residents, Stacie says, “I carry reusable bags to help promote my favorite non-profits AND to protect our parks, preserves and wildlife from plastic bags.”


01 2017

Santa Claus is our December Bag Hero!



Our December Bag Hero is none other than Santa Claus.  In his travels from the North Pole to the South Pole, he has seen way too much plastic trash.

He says “I’m making a list, checking it twice. Gonna find out who’s naughty or nice.  Be nice and use your reusable shopping bags.”


12 2016

France Bans Plastic Cups & Cutlery


11 2016

Our November Bag Hero



Our November Bag Hero, Jeff Wilson, is passionate about the coast and hosting fun weekend beach cleanups near Fish Pass. Without any assistance from official cleanup groups, he gathers and inspires volunteers who give their time and pour their sweat into removing tons of trash off the beach.  Most of that trash is made of plastic since it does not readily biodegrade, and single-use checkout bags are invariably in the mix.

When asked what motivates him, Jeff says, “We’re all just trying to take care of what we love, and it really drives the point home when you clean up an area and see everything that winds up out in nature. I really encourage people to just do what they can and don’t wait around for someone else to make the world a beautiful place.”


11 2016

Can bacteria help with the plastic problem?


10 2016

October Bag Heroes

oct2016-nicole-dustin-pringleOur October Bag Heroes are Dustin and Nicole Pringle. With backgrounds in environmental consulting and marine research, they understand that a healthy future for our coastal environment depends largely on human choices.  One simple but important change they have made in their daily lives is to bring reusable bags when heading to the store.

 “Marine animals like green sea turtles enjoy eating jellyfish. Unfortunately, they can mistake plastic bags for jellyfish and end up malnourished or dying.  One thing we all can do to help the turtles is bring our own reusable bags!  Together WE can make a difference.”


10 2016

National Geographic Video – Plastic Trash in the Oceans


10 2016

An Update on Boyan Slat’s Plan to Clean Up the Oceans


08 2016

Our August Bag Hero

August Bag Hero-David Pierce

North Padre Island resident David Pierce is our bag Hero for August. David spends a lot of time working to restore damaged sand dunes and to protect areas populated by sensitive animals and birds like piping plovers.

When asked why he likes reusable bags, he says, “Our beaches and sand dunes are valuable assets and are home for numerous animal species. I bring my own reusable bags when shopping because I am trying to create an awareness for others that our environment and the animals that live in it depend on us to protect them.  Hopefully the proposed plastic bag ban on North Padre Island will become a reality this November.”


08 2016

Ads Making a Splash

1st Day_Hwy 358 @ Airport_5-24-16



The advertising campaign that our Surfrider Foundation chapter received from the American Advertising Federation-Corpus Christi chapter has been launched in a big way! Here are some examples of the fantastic ads that the AAF-CC created.

We now have 2 digital billboards up, an excellent PSA being shown on multiple TV networks, a thought provoking ad being played on several radio stations, displays in La Palmera Mall and ads in papers and magazines from Alice to Port Aransas. There will also be signs in some bus stop shelters and even Internet banners.

We’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the AAF-CC, Enlightened Images and all the media outlets that are helping to get our message out to the public.


06 2016