Island Moon Newspaper Newest STP Partner

We would like to welcome the Island Moon Newspaper as our newest Skip the Plastic Partner! As a major source of news for residents of North Padre and Mustang Islands, the Moon keeps its readers updated on our efforts to phase out plastic shopping bags and encourage better programs to prevent littering.

The island beaches and wetlands are THE top tourism attraction in the Coastal Bend, offering great beachcombing, fishing, bird watching and water sports opportunities. We all need to work together to ensure that visitors’ memories are filled with clean beaches and water, and that residents can enjoy peaceful morning walks along the shore without having to step over trash.

Kudos to the Island Moon for helping to show the way!


10 2014

October Bag Heroes

Our October Bag Heroes are the women of WWN Rockport, an online newsletter with a large readership in the Rockport-Fulton community.

Alicia, WWN webmaster & owner, says, “We live in a wildlife-centric area, so it’s imperative that we are all mindful of how our actions affect our natural environment. It may seem like a small thing to use a reusable bag, but if we all make small choices we will make one BIG difference!”

Barbara Gurtner, founder of WWN adds, “When I first began taking reusable bags into stores, I never knew how many to take. How much shopping am I going to do? A friend solved the dilemma by telling me how she does it. She keeps one large bag filled with all her other bags and carries them with her. When standing in the check-out line, if she sees the people next to her don’t have reusable bags, she gives them one or more from her collection. This way she eliminates single use plastic bags from landfills and roadsides not only for herself and new friends, but for countless times in the future. Thank you, Patty, for a great example of ‘Paying it Forward.’ I now do this every time I shop.”


10 2014

The First State to Ban Plastic Shopping Bags

September 18th a Big Day in Rockport and Port Aransas


Thursday, September 18, 9:30 AM
Rockport City Hall, 622 Market Street

The Rockport City Council’s Environmental and Water Quality Committee will deliberate and act upon a possible recommendation to the City Council on our Skip the Plastic effort. This will be the second time this committee has included us on their agenda and your participation is needed.

Your voice and attendance is important to show the Committee and the City Council that a significant number of residents care about the aesthetic and environmental health issues associated with single-use plastic shopping bags and want something done.

Agenda for the 18th:


Thursday, September 18, 5:00 PM
Port Aransas City Hall, 710 W. Avenue A at Cutoff Road

The Port Aransas City Council will decide which elements they want in their plastic bag ban ordinance before voting on it in their October meeting. Come show your support for this bold step that will result in a cleaner city, better beaches and bag free Gulf waters!!


09 2014

September Bag Heroes

Our September Bag Heroes are Joan and Scott Holt, marine scientists from the University of Texas Marine Science Institute and avid birders. Now retired, they spend their time birding in Port Aransas at the Joan and Scott Holt Paradise Pond or traveling to exotic places for wildlife viewing.

Like many other Port Aransas residents, the Holts are hoping that their City Council will make a bold statement on September 18th when they vote on a plastic bag ban ordinance.

“Minimizing our use of plastic bags is just another aspect of our environment-friendly philosophy and it is something we think about every time we go shopping. We would be very proud if Port Aransas would step up and take the lead in the Coastal Bend in the effort to reduce the use of plastic bags”.


09 2014

Experts to Speak on Oceans of Plastic

Come listen to one or both panel discussions next Thursday, September 4th, related to the “Oceans of Plastic” exhibit currently at the Art Museum of South Texas. The panels will be entitled “State of our Wetlands and Gulf and the Presence of Plastics and Other Debris”:

10 AM to 2 PM at Harte Research Institute, TAMUCC – Panel participants will include Dr. Wes Tunnell, NOAA’s Marine Debris Program Manager and Regional Coordinator, and Tony Amos of UTMSI.

7 to 9 PM at the Art Museum of South Texas – A reception will precede the panel. The panel will include the speakers listed above plus Mike Garver of Texans for Clean Water, the organization we are partnering with to advocate for a statewide deposit/refund program for beverage containers.


08 2014


08 2014

Report Littering with your Smartphone


08 2014

Our August Bag Hero

A.P. “Freddy” Ramirez, P.E., is on the Board of Directors for Bike Texas, which encourages and promotes bicycling, increased safety and improved conditions for cyclists. His company, Pendgo Timing, manages running, cycling and paddling races, including the Paddle for Parkinsons race coming up on August 30th. Freddy has pushed race organizers to move away from cheap, disposable bags for entrants’ race packets to sturdy, reusable ones imprinted with sponsors’ logos.

He and his wife live on Corpus Christi Bay and enjoy the peaceful setting, especially on calm mornings when dolphins feed along the shore. Unfortunately, he relates how plastic bags and beverage containers are flushed out into the bay through a nearby storm drain outfall every time it rains.

Having lived in Austin, Freddy is accustomed to bringing his own bags when going to the store. “We shopped at Whole Foods and brought 3 to 4 reusable bags every time. We have this big insulated one that we bought years ago and it keeps all our milk, chilled and frozen foods cold until we get home.” Like our other Bag Heroes, Freddy shows that bringing your own bags is easy once you get in the habit.


07 2014

National Geographic Article on the Global Problem of Plastic Marine Debris

New research by marine scientists is helping to answer the questions of how much plastic is in the world’s oceans and where it’s going. Scroll down to view global maps and watch a very informative video.


07 2014