STP Launches Bag Hero Program

Skip the Plastic is proud to announce our new Bag Hero program. This public education campaign will demonstrate how easy it is to bring your own bags and why it’s important.
Mayor Joe Adame is the first Bag Hero! Here is what Mayor Adame has to say about using reusable bags:

“I am so proud of our citizens who are using reusable bags and urge those who have not developed the habit to do so. It makes you feel good knowing you are becoming a good steward of the great community we live in.”

The Bag Hero program will recognize heroes every month, with another exceptional community member to be profiled in November. Bag Heroes are profiled shopping at stores that make reusable bags available to customers, and asked why using a reusable bag is important to them. These heroes will again be recognized at various events and in media.

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10 2012