March Bag Heroes!

Our March Bag Heroes are the members of the Coastal Bend Audubon Society, who are “committed to conserving, protecting, and promoting the wildlife and habitat of our remarkable little corner of Texas.”

The Coastal Bend is a birdwatcher’s paradise, with species ranging from Least Terns to Whooping Cranes passing through our area. Unfortunately, while studies in the 1960’s showed that only 5% of seabirds had plastic in their stomachs, that percentage increased to 90% by 2018.  Once bird and marine animals eat plastic, they often suffer slow deaths through starvation after the plastics create a false sensation of fullness in their stomachs or block their digestive tracts.  

Our Bag Heroes say, “We like reusable shopping bags because we like our seabirds plastic-free. Let’s keep plastic in its place, not in a seabird’s stomach.”

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03 2019