Texas Supreme Court to Hear Laredo’s Appeal for Their Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban

On January 11th, the Texas Supreme Court will hear the oral arguments in the case about Laredo’s single-use plastic bag ban, and representatives of our Surfrider Foundation chapter will be there to watch and listen.

A wide range of amicus briefs (friend of the court statements) have been filed in support of Laredo’s ability to continue banning plastic bags. The briefs have come from diverse interests such as cities, cotton ginners, recreational fishermen and guides, recycling and compost businesses, a Republican elected official, retailers, a cattleman and environmental organizations: http://www.search.txcourts.gov/Case.aspx?cn=16-0748&coa=cossup

You can watch a live broadcast of the oral arguments starting at 9:50 a.m. or view them later at: http://www.texasbarcle.com/CLE/TSC.asp

We are counting on the judges to understand the need for Texas cities to retain local control to solve problems like those caused by disposable plastic shopping bags.

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