Our December Bag Heroes!

As scientists have found increasing evidence that plastic trash is causing significant harm throughout the world’s oceans, institutions like the Texas State Aquarium have stepped up to educate guests (they had 560K in 2016) about their role in solving the problem. They have also worked to reduce the use of disposable plastics in their own operations. We applaud the Aquarium and are thrilled to introduce our Bag Heroes for December: Renee Hays and Kristine Sankey, who manage the gift shop there.

When guests check out at the cash register, they don’t get a single-use plastic bag. Instead, they have the option of carrying their purchase without a bag, buying a reusable shopping bag made from recycled plastic bottles, or taking a paper bag.

The program has been well received according to Renee. “Single-use plastic bags are so detrimental to our environment, we are thrilled to be able to offer this program to our guests to help reduce the amount of plastic waste that ultimately ends up in our oceans. We are hoping to help educate guests that their everyday choices make a difference. By purchasing a reusable bag today that they can then re-use again and again, they can help contribute to preserving and protecting our oceans and their inhabitants.“

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