April Bag Heroes!

Our April Bag Heroes are the members of the Del Mar College Green Team. As young people who want Corpus Christi to continue its path toward sustainability and vibrancy, the students strive “to contribute to the overall quality and cleanliness of our campus and community through conserving energy, reducing pollution and helping the environment.”

With Earth Day coming up on April 6th, the Green Team is celebrating the planet by bringing their own bags when going to the store and, in doing so, helping to move their city forward.


04 2019

March 2019 Trial for Formosa Plastics in Point Comfort, TX


04 2019

March Bag Heroes!

Our March Bag Heroes are the members of the Coastal Bend Audubon Society, who are “committed to conserving, protecting, and promoting the wildlife and habitat of our remarkable little corner of Texas.”

The Coastal Bend is a birdwatcher’s paradise, with species ranging from Least Terns to Whooping Cranes passing through our area. Unfortunately, while studies in the 1960’s showed that only 5% of seabirds had plastic in their stomachs, that percentage increased to 90% by 2018.  Once bird and marine animals eat plastic, they often suffer slow deaths through starvation after the plastics create a false sensation of fullness in their stomachs or block their digestive tracts.  

Our Bag Heroes say, “We like reusable shopping bags because we like our seabirds plastic-free. Let’s keep plastic in its place, not in a seabird’s stomach.”


03 2019

January 2019 Bag Heroes

Our January Bag Heroes are Sierra Quick and her son, Sterling. We met them as they were heading into Sprouts to stock up on groceries.
When asked why she likes reusable shopping bags, Sierra gave several reasons: “I made the switch reusable bags because I got tired of accumulating so many plastic bags and not knowing where they ended up when I put them in the recycling bin at the store.  It’s a step towards protecting our wildlife and benefiting our environment. I also get to set a good example for my son and teach him healthy habits in the process. Then there’s the fact that they’re sturdy enough to carry all my groceries inside in one trip, which is just an added bonus. I keep them in my trunk and take them with me everywhere I go.”


01 2019

David Sikes with the Caller Times – What are nurdles, where do they come from and are they killing our wildlife?


11 2018

Our November Bag Hero

Our November Bag Hero is Dr. Pamela Plotkin, Director of the Texas Sea Grant Program. The program is a collaboration of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the State of Texas and universities across the state, and its mission is to improve the understanding, wise use and stewardship of Texas coastal and marine resources.

Dr. Plotkin has worked for decades to improve our understanding of sea turtles and help protect them throughout the world’s oceans. She has also studied pollution and its impact on marine animals.

She states, “There’s a trash pile in the ocean bigger than Texas and plastic bags are a part of this mess. By making small changes in our daily habits, like using only cloth bags when we shop, we can reduce our individual plastic footprint and together we can make a difference for the future our blue planet.”


11 2018

October Bag Hero!

This month’s Bag Hero is Adriana Leiva! Her desire to live, work and play in a clean and vibrant community exists on both the professional and personal levels.

“Bringing your own bag is one of the easiest ways to transition into a more sustainable lifestyle. It’s a habit that can be tough to remember at first, but by being persistent, people can collectively make big changes. I enjoy being a part of the solution!”


10 2018

September Bag Hero Has Tourism-Oriented Business Perspective

Our September Bag Hero is Jon Campbell, Operations Manager of Hurricane Alley Waterpark in Corpus Christi. Jon says, “Plastic bags have been an issue ever since we opened Hurricane Alley. Based on the number I’ve pulled out of our fenceline, I can only imagine how many are in the bay.” Having to deal with all those loose plastic bags has convinced Jon that reusable shopping bags are a better way to go.

“After all, we live in a beautiful city that we call the Sparkling City by the Sea and we depend on tourism for much of our economy. People don’t want to come to a trashy place.”


09 2018

August Bag Heroes

Our Bag Heroes for August are the employees of AM Bookkeeping & Tax Professionals! As part of a series of simple changes to make their workplace more sustainable, they made the switch to reusable shopping bags years ago.

“Living on the water, we have a firsthand view of the damage disposable plastic bags can have on our environment. Switching to reusable bags was a no-brainer. They’re easy to use, just keep them in your car and you’re ready whenever you head out to go shopping. They’re hassle free and very stylish!”


08 2018

Help Urge Whataburger to Quit Styrofoam Cups

Environment Texas has launched a new petition urging Whataburger to phase out Styrofoam cups!

In their words, “We’re working to get a statewide ban of polystyrene as part of our Wildlife Over Waste campaign. It is estimated that 70 million Styrofoam cups are disposed of by Americans every day. Whataburger is a classic Texas brand and is respected as a leader in the industry and the state. We are asking Whataburger to set an example for Texas restaurants by stopping the use of Styrofoam cups in exchange for healthier and safer options.”



08 2018